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Why imali

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who needs Imali

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Samantha Rutley a Millennial passed out of college with a Bachelors degree in 2015. She has a stable job but with living expenses and college loans she is living pay check to paycheck.

  • She wants to move in to a better part of town but rental deposits are out of her reach
  • She wants to take a vacation with her friends but CC bills interest rates scares her
  • She is afraid to take a loan from her parents as she isn’t sure when she will repay them within time and with interest

Gizelle Rodriguez an Unbanked (Those who don’t have a bank account) works in a shop for hourly wage but isn’t sure how to save for the long term

  • She doesn’t have any emergency funding for any life events like rental deposits, baby on the way, marriage or medical emergency
  • She depends on Payday loans and borrowing from friends and community to tide over
  • She is afraid of banks and financial systems and their predatory lending practices

Hyeon Kim an Immigrant have some of the same fears and issues as the other two categories

  • She doesn’t have trust in the financial systems comparing it to the corruption based system she knew in Korea
  • She works multiple jobs but uses cash except for sending money home to her native.
  • More inclined to trust and depend on community than a stranger at a bank for financial advice.

The solution

a mobile wallet that will help you reach
your savings goal while building your credit